Key features of the Hosted Platform:
Set Up
100% web-based hosted platform
Set up unlimited lists
Managed shared Short Codes
Complete online support and User Guides
Set up is handled inside the account interface
Code generator provides all HTML code for sign up forms

List Management
Subscribers can opt-in from their cell phone by texting keywords
Subscribers can opt-in at your web site using a confirmed process
Collects name, email, gender, and other data
Subscribers can unsubscribe from the cell phone
Subscribers can unsubscribe from your web site
You can export your subscriber database at any time
Your subscriber database is yours and not shared with anyone

Sending Messages
Send messages instantly to your list(s)
Schedule messages for delivery at a certain day/time
Preload messages to be sent regularly at set days and times
Target message delivery according to subscriber profile data collected
Target messages according to subscriber time zones
Connects with all major North American carriers.

Reports on messages sent by list, day, month, etc.
View subscriber profiles details
Reports can be viewed on the web or downloaded as files.

VertaPointe's Hosted Platform sends SMS (short message service), otherwise known as text messages, to mobile phones. It allows you to build a mobile customer database and broadcast text messages through a web-based interface.


Key features of the Hosted Platform:

Set Up
List Management
Sending Messages

VertaPointe starts where the others stop!

VertaPointe understands that our clients need a true business partner that not only understands the intricacies and complexities of all of today's communications channels, but that will also take the time and have the expertise to understand your strategic goals.

Once we understand your goals we will work with you to develop, manage and deploy a highly customized communication and marketing program that fits, not only, your budget and resources, but most importantly, helps you achieve those objectives!

Let VertaPointe utilize its expertise to create a customized multi-channel program to help you achieve your strategic communication and marketing goals.

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