Broadcast Flow Control
Pace your voice messages to be more effective and control the number of calls being delivered per hour.

Easy, campaign management
Create, schedule, launch and track your voice campaigns by working with your personal account manager.

Unlimited voice message recording
Record your voice messages or provide us with your pre-recorded sound files.

Flexible voice message controls
Allow your customers to replay messages and opt-out of campaigns. Capture receipt confirmations.

Adjustable date/time delivery
Schedule your voice calls and reach your audience at a date/time when they're most receptive.

"Hot Key" - transfer to a live operator
Embed hot keys in your voice messages and let customers reach a live operator by pressing a button. Transfer to a phone number of your choice.

Smart answering detection - machine & voice
Setup your campaigns to reach answering machines only, live-answer only, or a combination of both.

Flexible call list management
Benefit from centralized list management. Create lists using industry-standard Microsoft® Excel, Access or ASCII comma delimited files.

Interactive surveys & questionnaires
Create interactive voice questionnaires to get instant feedback from customers. Track progress and view your results via our customized reports.

Comprehensive, real-time reports
Ensure maximum return on investment (ROI) with live campaign reports.

Automated do-not-call & opt-out management
Respect customer privacy with automated do-not-call management, opt-out processing, and scheduled allowable-hours calling.

VertaPointe's voice broadcasting allows you to instantly send hundreds, or even thousands, of interactive phone calls with ease. Instantly send alerts, notifications, reminders, political calls, product updates, get out the vote - GOTV - messages, interactive polls or surveys with ease right from your desk. Our expert team will work with you to store your messages, manage your call lists; schedule delivery, as well as, preparing customized reports of call and caller key press results and delivery results.


Whether it is VertaPointe's Account Management, Campaign Creation, Campaign Management, Campaign Analysis, Subscriber Management or hands on guidance and expertise you will find Voice Broadcasting to be resource and budget friendly. There is no hardware to buy or software to purchase



VertaPointe starts where the others stop!

VertaPointe understands that our clients need a true business partner that not only understands the intricacies and complexities of all of today's communications channels, but that will also take the time and have the expertise to understand your strategic goals.

Once we understand your goals we will work with you to develop, manage and deploy a highly customized communication and marketing program that fits, not only, your budget and resources, but most importantly, helps you achieve those objectives!

Let VertaPointe utilize its expertise to create a customized multi-channel program to help you achieve your strategic communication and marketing goals.

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