"The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said."
Peter F. Drucker

In today's global economy, business transactions are no longer restricted by the geographic locations of buyers and sellers.

The availability of new communication channels and the web have increased individuals' access to information. This has made them much more particular about how they receive and send communications. Because the delivery of timely information is critical to the success of virtually every business, companies must now begin to address this issue with unique solutions and tools that meet the needs of each of the individual audiences they serve.

Our services enable organizations to preplan messages for emergency communications, if and when they are needed, provide customer account information, deliver promotional offers, or simply thank customers for their loyalty.

In today's environment, consumers are constantly barraged with messages from traditional advertising venues. VertaPointe works with companies to plan, develop and execute effective communications that are aligned with overall brand messaging. We can also provide sales support services to improve sales prospecting, development and training.


VertaPointe's methodology is designed to create or improve your communication programs through our 5-step systematic process. We will work as your business partner to create a focused campaign to reach your strategic goals.

After a thorough assessment of your resources, programs and goals we will define an action plan. Together we will then deploy an implementation strategy that ensures your communication programs will be delivered within your budget, on time and consistent with your objectives.

VertaPointe will analyze the results to improve the process, develop specific action items and modify the current programs. This process will insure that your messages are received by the targeted audiences through the most efficient channels.

is a leader in providing highly personalized multi-channel communication and marketing programs to both savvy and novice firms that are looking to maximize their communication and marketing returns on investment. VertaPointe's core technology addresses the key automation required to run high capacity, high impact multi-channel communication and marketing campaigns. VertaPointe's integrated communications and marketing components include:

List Management   Content Management
Campaign Delivery   Advanced Deliverability
Tracking & Analytics   Professional Services

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